Industrial Special Risks – ISR

Industrial Special Risks (ISR) provides property damage cover and consequential loss cover for medium to larger organisations with diverse operations and insurable value over $10 million. This policy is designed to protect physical assets, including buildings, stock, plant and machinery and other property. Our policies contain industry-agreed base wordings (Mark 4 & 5) that can be tailored to your specidic business needs.


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An ISR policy essentially provides cover for loss or damage to insured property by any cause not specifically exluded by the policy. It is typically the broadest and the most flexible property policy available and is recommended to commercial clients with insured values greater than $3,000,000 (although this minimum does vary considerably between Insurers).

An ISR policy can cover the following:

  • Loss and/or damage to buildings, plant and machinery, contents, stock, raw materials, unregistered vehicles and the property of directors and employees
  • Loss of profits, revenue or rentals and/or increased expenses cuasued by damage to insured property and also by contingent damange to property at the premised os suppliers, customers and utilities
  • Burglary, theft of money and employee dishonesty
  • Accidental damage and glass breakage
  • Removal of debris, extra costs or re-instatement, re-writing of records and professional fees

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