Voluntary Workers Insurance

Volunteers are a great source of assistance to many associations, however as they do not receive wages, they are not covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. This being the case associations should seek to protect thier volunteers from injuries that may occur whilst helping out, this can be done through Voluntary Workers Insurance also known as Volunteers Personal Accident Insurance or Voluntneer Accident Insurance.

Considering the benefits of volunteers to associations the policies are quite inexpensive and depending on the options selected can provide cover for accidental death, disablement and incapacity to carry out normal duties.

Who needs Volunteers Workers Insurance?

All associations that have volunteers and/or a non paid commitee of management should strongly consider taking out Voluntary Workers Insurance.

Note: Don’t forget about your board of management, they are assisting in the direction of the association largely and should not be excluded from protection.

This information is general advice only, please consider the PDS before purchasing insurance.

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